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Cookie Consent for GDPR/CCPA | Securiti


Cookie Consent by Securiti helps organizations automate global privacy compliance and is designed for smooth, rapid deployment. Thousands of organizations are using Securiti’s Cookie Consent solution to comply with global privacy laws including GDPR/ePrivacy/CPRA/LGPD/PIPEDA and many more.

Not only would you get the Cookie consent module, but you will also get an optional overall privacy center and privacy notice module with it. You can choose to use the cookie consent module by itself or use the full power of a comprehensive privacy center. Check details at

With this plugin, you will be able to rapidly deploy just the cookie consent functionality or a fully functional privacy center, which also includes a privacy policy generator, on your WordPress website.

An overall Privacy Center can help you with the following:

  • Manage cookie consent and generate a privacy policy from a single platform.
  • Differentiate your website by demonstrating a commitment toward data privacy.
  • Build trust with your users by giving them control over their data.
  • Provide your website visitors with a central location to view your privacy practices and manage their data.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Build privacy notices from built-in templates in a hassle-free manner.
  • Comply with a myriad of global privacy regulations.


Featured highlights:

  • Periodic scanning of your website to scan and classify cookies.
  • Rapid deployment of banner JS with reverse IP detection to comply with consent requirements around the world.
  • Leverage our auto-blocking script to honor consumer preferences without additional coding.
  • Build and publish a global privacy notice in minutes by leveraging one of many pre-defined templates.
  • Keep your privacy notices up-to-date by reflecting changes in your processing activities, websites, and assets. Keep privacy risks at bay by keeping privacy notices updated in real-time.
  • Fully customizable privacy center front end.

You can also upgrade your PrivacyCenter account to experience the full suite of features which include:

  • Managed Individual Data Requests: Delight consumers by letting them exercise their privacy rights and take control of their data. Support programmatic handling of the right to access, delete, or correction of their data.
  • Do Not Sell: Under CCPA, companies must display a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link prominently with guidance on how to opt out of the sale of their data. Comply with CCPA regulations and honor consumer requests.
  • Consent Preferences: First party consent management through.


  1. Create your Privacy Center by signing up for free.
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. The solution will scan your website and automatically categorize cookies.
  4. Customize your cookie banner.
  5. Configure your cookie preference center.
  6. Embed the consent code on your website.
  7. Customize the front end of your privacy center.
  8. Quickly build and publish a privacy notice by making use of templates.
  9. Publish your privacy center and embed the hosted link on your website.


Use of this plugin does not, by itself, ensure compliance with legal requirements related to cookies.

About Securiti

Securiti is the leader in multi-cloud data protection, privacy and governance. Its solutions establish autonomous guardrails around sensitive data, to ensure key obligations are continuously met. Securiti’s award-winning privacy compliance platform allows small, medium and enterprise businesses to comply with global privacy laws including GDPR, CPRA, PIPEDA, LGPD, and many more.

Download the report to learn why Forrester Wave named Securiti the industry-leader in the current offering (technology solutions) category.


  • Overview
  • Scan websites to detect and classify dropped cookies
  • Global Privacy Intelligence
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Feature Summary
  • Elegant Consumer Frontend
  • Fully Automated Backend
  • Privacy Regulation Intelligent, Everywhere


  1. Create your Privacy Center by signing up for free.
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. The solution will scan your website and automatically categorize cookies.
  4. Customize your cookie banner.
  5. Configure your cookie preference center.
  6. Embed the consent code on your website.
  7. Customize the front end of your privacy center.
  8. Quickly build and publish a privacy notice by making use of templates.
  9. Publish your privacy center and embed the hosted link on your website.


Is this plugin for cookie consent or for privacy center?

This amazing plugin not only lets you manage cookie consent but also enables you to build a privacy center for free!

With this plugin you can make use of the cookie consent module as part of Securiti’s all in one compliance solution called Privacy Center.

What else do I get with this plugin?

With this plugin, you get the following:

  1. Cookie consent
  2. Privacy notice/policy
  3. Fully functional privacy center

What does the free version of privacy center include?

With the basic (free) version of privacy center you get privacy notice management and third party & cookie consent module for free.

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I entered code to BODY section but nothing output on front-end

This feature is implemented for WordPress version 5.2+ and also requires the compatibility theme. Make sure that your theme supports the wp_body_open hook.


Securiti Cookie Consent is an outstanding WordPress plugin. It offers easy installation, extensive customization options, and robust privacy compliance features. The support team is responsive and helpful. Highly recommended. One of the standout features of Securiti Cookie Consent is its ease of use. The installation process was straightforward, and the intuitive interface made it simple to navigate through the various settings and customization options. I was able to effortlessly tailor the appearance and behavior of the cookie consent banner to match the design and branding of my website. I highly recommend the Securiti Cookie Consent WordPress plugin to anyone seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for cookie consent management. Its ease of use, extensive customization options, privacy compliance features, and exceptional customer support make it an excellent choice for website owners looking to enhance user experience and comply with privacy regulations.
I recently installed the this plugin on my WordPress website, and I’m extremely happy with how it’s working. The plugin offers a simple and effective way to comply with 100s of privacy regulations by allowing website visitors to manage their cookie preferences. The setup process was very straightforward, and the plugin offers a range of customization options to ensure that it fits seamlessly with the design of my website. The plugin also includes a variety of pre-designed templates to choose from, which is a great feature for those who don’t want to spend time customizing the design. One of the key features I appreciate about this plugin is its granular cookie control. With this feature, website visitors can choose which types of cookies they want to allow, and which ones they want to block. This level of control ensures that users are only accepting cookies that they’re comfortable with, which is a big win for privacy. Another great feature of this plugin is the analytics dashboard. This dashboard provides detailed information about how many visitors have accepted cookies, and which types of cookies are most commonly accepted. This information can be very valuable for website owners who want to better understand their visitors’ preferences. Highly recommended.
As a website owner, I found the Securiti Cookie Consent plugin to be a helpful tool for complying with GDPR and CCPA regulations. Its cookie scanner and customization options were straightforward to use, making it an excellent choice for simplifying my cookie compliance efforts.
As someone who values privacy, I highly recommend ”Cookie Consent by Securiti” for anyone with a WordPress website. This plugin is a lifesaver when it comes to GDPR and CCPA compliance. It’s easy to install, customize, and provides visitors with clear explanations for the use of cookies. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my website is respecting the privacy of its users. I can’t recommend this plugin enough!
Found it just as easy to use as they had advertised. Actually managed to set up the cookie banner within minutes of having the plugin installed on my Wordpress. It’s super simple to manage the various options and lets me customize based on my site’s requirements.
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