Bunny’s Language Linker

Helps you create links between equivalent (but different language) pages between WordPress installations.

Stephanie Booth 10+ active installations Testattu 2.3.1 Päivitetty 15 vuotta sitten

Pig Latin

Overrides the current language and translates all messages into Pig Latin.

Nikolay Bachiyski 10+ active installations Testattu 4.0.38 Päivitetty 9 vuotta sitten

Bonjour Traduction

Bonjour Traduction affiche la traduction de "Bonjour" dans plus de 140 langues différentes et aléatoirement…

Maxence Rose 10+ active installations Testattu 3.2.1 Päivitetty 12 vuotta sitten

ICanLocalize Translator

Allows running multilingual WordPress sites with zero management. Automatically creates and updates translation when you…

ICanLocalize 10+ active installations Testattu 2.7 Päivitetty 14 vuotta sitten

Fast Translate

Faster WordPress localization with cache support.

Björn Ahrens, Aucor Oy 10+ active installations Testattu 5.3.15 Päivitetty 3 vuotta sitten

Livewords Flow

The Livewords Flow plugin connects a Wordpress installation to Livewords Flow using the WPML plugin.

LiveWords 10+ active installations Testattu 4.8.22 Päivitetty 6 vuotta sitten

GlobalizeIt Translate

Using GlobalizeIt, your website becomes editable for globalization. Any translators from around the world, yours,…

Globalizeit Fewer than 10 active installations Testattu 3.4.2 Päivitetty 3 vuotta sitten

Convert PT AO90 for GlotPress

Language tool for GlotPress to convert text according to the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of…

Pedro Mendonça Fewer than 10 active installations Testattu 6.1.3 Päivitetty 7 kuukautta sitten


Gtbabel automatically translates your HTML/PHP pages – server sided!

Gtbabel Fewer than 10 active installations Testattu 6.0.5 Päivitetty 3 kuukautta sitten

Annotation By Country

This plugin will select annotations depending on the access source of the country. With this…

pandanote.info Fewer than 10 active installations Testattu 5.7.9 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten