WooCommerce Address Book


Antaa asiakkaillesi mahdollisuuden tallentaa useita toimitusosoitteita ja valita niistä yksi tilausvaiheessa. Osoitteita voidaan päivittää ja muokata helposti ja nopeasti tilin tiedoista (/my-account), tai tallentaa osana tilausprosessia.


Katso lisäosan lähdekoodi GitHubista.
Voit myös ilmoittaa ongelmasta tai tehdä pyynnön versiohaarojen yhdistämisestä (engl. pull request).


  1. Siirrä woo-address-book-kansio /wp-content/plugins/-hakemistoon
  2. Varmista, että WooCommerce on asennettu ja aktivoitu.
  3. Ota WooCommerce Address Book -lisäosa käyttöön WordPressin lisäosa-valikosta.
  4. Osoitekirjan asetukset näytetään asiakkaan tilitiedoissa ja myös tilausvaiheessa, kunhan ensisijainen toimitusosoite on lisätty.


Miksi en voi lisätä uutta osoitetta osoitekirjaan?

Osoitekirja näytetään vasta silloin, kun ensisijainen toimitusosoite on asiakkaalle luotu.

Antaako tämä lisäosa asiakkailleni mahdollisuuden tilata useampaan osoitteeseen samalla tilauksella?

Ei, tämä lisäosa antaa vain mahdollisuuden tallentaa useampia toimitusosoitteita. Jos asiakas haluaa toimituksen useampaan osoitteeseen, hänen tulisi tehdä useampi tilaus.

How can I add custom fields to my shipping address?

WooCommerce Address Book uses the standard WooCommerce address functions so any method to modify the shipping fields will still work.
We have tested that using the standard filters work correctly:
* https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/tutorial-customising-checkout-fields-using-actions-and-filters/
We have also tested this plugin by WooCommerce:
* https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-checkout-field-editor/

How do I translate this plugin?

We now use the new way of translating WordPress plugins at https://translate.wordpress.org/

Feel free to contribute a translation at https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/woo-address-book/

How do I get my translation approved?

Someone needs to apply to be a translation editor for this plugin. If you have contributed a translation, you may apply to be the editor yourself.

You can make the request and that request can be approved by the WordPress Localization editors.
See here for more details: https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/rosetta/roles-and-capabilities/pte-request/#pte-request-by-a-translator

How can I use my translation before it is approved?

What you can do to use it locally right now is go to the translate page.
At the bottom by the Export link, select ”Only matching the filter” and ”Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo)” and then click Export to download the .mo file.

Then save this .mo file to your WordPress site at wp-content/languages/plugins/woo-address-book-LANGUAGE.mo replacing LANGUAGE with your language code.

For example for German, you would go here:

Then save this .mo file to your WordPress site at wp-content/languages/plugins/woo-address-book-de_DE.mo

You may also use PoEdit and create a translation file which can be exported as a .mo file to be saved in the same location.

Where are the settings for this plugin?

There are currently no settings, everything is based on your current WooCommerce address and checkout settings.


Works like a charm, and when I ran into issues caused by a bad file in our child-theme their support helped me work through it and solve the issue FAST. 5 Stars for sure. Would highly recommend.
not sure what's the point if it works only from checkout and nothing in my account or admin panel to be able to add address. Update: the plugin didn't work for me, so, I gave 1 star, so that others don't need to waste their time on non-functional plugins. but the plugin author is responsive, so, increasing my rating 1 to 4 stars. Other plugin worked for me, so, I didn't have time to diagnose. Thanks anyways.
Era o que eu procurava, uma ferramenta para selecionar vários endereços na hora do Checkout. Testado e aprovado!
Do the job and the support is really efficient. Thanks for your job.
Does what it's supposed to, easy to understand. Great work!
Lue kaikki 15 arvostelua.

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  • Update Country strings that were changed in WooCommerce 4.0
  • add load_plugin_textdomain


  • Update to support the latest versions of WooCommerce 3.x and 4.0.0 with Customer CRUD functions.


  • Korjattu regressio, joka aiheutti virheen tilausvaiheessa uuden käyttäjän luomisen yhteydessä.


  • Fix regression from security update in 1.6.0 which broke saving new addresses on checkout.
  • Koodin siistimistä.


  • Fixed if you had selectize.js installed on the site but still using selectWoo for checkout. You must now manually apply selectize to the Address Book selector if you wish to use selectize on checkout.


  • Fixed issue with selectWoo not loadingon checkout if ”Ship to a different address?” was not enabled by default. Thanks titodevera#62
  • Add support for selectize.js if used over selectWoo for your select boxes.


  • Remove unneeded nopriv ajax actions. #60 #61


  • Added support for address nicknames. Thanks titodevera#60 #59
  • Security: Updated all save calls to do nonce verification checks.
  • Update endpoint url generation to prevent the query parameter from being filtered out. Fixes conflict with WPML plugin.


  • Stop enqueuing the plugin styles and scripts on every page. Only enqueue them when needed. Thanks titodevera#58 #59


  • Fix changing country if the field is set to Read Only. Do not change any fields that are set to Read Only.


  • Fix missing close div in address book form. Thanks ThomasK0lasa#54
  • Use a minified version of scripts.js
  • Improve address saving for determining what address name to use next.
  • Fix first address creation on checkout from being set to shipping2 #55
  • Don’t show address picker for new users that don’t have addreses yet.


  • Fix regression from 1.5.0 which broke switching primary address. Thanks ThomasK0lasa#53


  • Update country field with updates from WooCommerce 3.6.x. Fixes inconsistencies with updated stock version.
  • Support SelectWoo in addition to select2 for checkout address book selector


  • Update address book links so they don’t have a trailing slash on them.


  • Fix address saving for new addresses in the address book for WooCommerce 3.6.x due to a change in the save address process.
  • Fix handling of empty address books. No longer populate address books of all users on activate since we handle empty books now.
  • Fix issue saving more than 10 addresses to the addresse book. Thanks @JonBoss5


  • Limit get_users to just returning IDs. Significantly decreases the amount of memory needed on activation on a site with many users. (thanks pjv)
  • PHP and JS formatting cleanup


  • Trim any trailing slashes when getting the address name from the URL
  • Do not display the address book dropdown on checkout if a default shipping address has not been set.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Added wc_address_book_addresses filter to allow for modification of Address Book addresses.
  • JS improvments of address book dropdown on Checkout. Thanks to ebelrose for their contributions!


  • Added languages folder with .pot file for i18n.
  • Added isset() conditions for address_select_label() in case fields have been removed.


  • Updated the filter wc_address_book_address_select_label to add $address and $name, which should open a lot of options for modifying the output.
  • Cleaned up the codebase to align with WordPress-Coding-Standards.


  • Added text domain and updated AJAX’s scope on my-account. Thanks to pabl0rg and nicolasmn for their contributions!


  • Fixed a bug to properly reset the state value when selecting ’new address’.


  • Fixed a bug which prevents shipping country field from clearing if only one country is a checkout option.


  • Add multisite support.


  • Fixed a bug which prevented address from saving.


  • Clear checkout fields when adding a new address.


  • Changed Address Book to using $_GET vars to allow for custom fields to be saved.


  • Initial Release.