The block editor was introduced in core WordPress with version 5.0. This beta plugin allows…

Gutenberg Team 200 000+ active installations Testattu 5.2.4 Päivitetty 1 viikko sitten

Application Passwords

Creates unique passwords for applications to authenticate users without revealing their main passwords.

George Stephanis 10 000+ active installations Testattu 5.2.4 Päivitetty 2 kuukautta sitten

Design Experiments

A plugin for trying out design experiments in WP-Admin. Brought to you by the WordPress…

The Design Team 100+ active installations Testattu 5.2.4 Päivitetty 2 kuukautta sitten

Background Image Cropper

This plugin is a WordPress core feature-plugin that adds cropping to background images for parity…

Nick Halsey 600+ active installations Testattu 5.1.3 Päivitetty 10 kuukautta sitten

Customize Snapshots

Provide a UI for managing Customizer changesets; save changesets as named drafts, schedule for publishing;…

XWP 200+ active installations Testattu 4.9.12 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Better Code Editing

Adding CodeMirror functionality to the Plugin and Theme file editors, as well as the Customizer…

The WordPress Team 40+ active installations Testattu 4.9-alpha Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Customizer UI Experiments

This plugin is an ongoing WordPress core feature-plugin that facilitates testing smaller user-oriented features and…

The Customizer Team 50+ active installations Testattu 4.9-trunk Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Shiny Updates

A smoother experience for managing plugins and themes.

the WordPress team 200+ active installations Testattu 4.6.16 Päivitetty 3 vuotta sitten