Code Snippets

An easy, clean and simple way to enhance your site with code snippets.

Code Snippets Pro 900 000+ active installations Testattu 6.5.2 Päivitetty 1 kuukausi sitten

Scripts n Styles

This plugin allows Admin users to individually add HTML, custom CSS, Classes and JavaScript directly…

unFocus Projects 30 000+ active installations Testattu 6.2.5 Päivitetty 11 kuukautta sitten

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

Easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without having to modify the code at all.…

Alex Mills (Viper007Bond) 20 000+ active installations Testattu 6.4.4 Päivitetty 5 kuukautta sitten

Code Embed

Code Embed provides a very easy and efficient way to embed code (JavaScript, CSS and…

David Artiss 20 000+ active installations Testattu 6.5.2 Päivitetty 8 tuntia sitten

PHP Everywhere

This plugin enables PHP code everywhere in your WordPress instalation. Using this plugin you can…

Alexander Fuchs 20 000+ active installations Testattu 5.8.9 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Highlighting Code Block

Add code block with syntax highlighting using prism.js. (Available for Gutenberg and Classic Editor)

LOOS, Inc. 10 000+ active installations Testattu 6.4.4 Päivitetty 5 kuukautta sitten

Code Syntax Block

Code Syntax Block plugin extends the block editor by adding syntax highlighting to the core…

Marcus Kazmierczak 8 000+ active installations Testattu 6.0.8 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Advanced CSS Editor

Advanced CSS Editor is a lightweight plugin that lets you write different CSS code for…

Hardeep Asrani 8 000+ active installations Testattu 5.2.20 Päivitetty 5 vuotta sitten


Machete is a lean and simple suite of tools that solve common WordPress annoyances: cookie…

Nilo Velez 7 000+ active installations Testattu 6.3.4 Päivitetty 8 kuukautta sitten

Code Widget

Code widget help to add Short Code, PHP Code, HTML, and Simple Text in widget.

Solution Box 7 000+ active installations Testattu 6.1.0 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Add Code To Head

(Formerly Add Text to Head) Add custom Javascript/HTML/CSS codes to the page head without editing…

HBJitney, LLC 4 000+ active installations Testattu 5.7.11 Päivitetty 3 vuotta sitten


WP-Syntax provides clean syntax highlighting for embedding source code within pages or posts.

Steven A. Zahm 4 000+ active installations Testattu 6.4.4 Päivitetty 5 kuukautta sitten


Display beautiful syntax-highlighted code snippets with Prism.js or Highlight.js

Jeff Starr 2 000+ active installations Testattu 6.5.2 Päivitetty 2 kuukautta sitten