Code Snippets

An easy, clean and simple way to enhance your site with code snippets.

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iNET Webkit

iNET Webkit được xây dựng theo tiêu chí gọn nhẹ, tinh giản tối đa việc…

iNET 800+ active installations Testattu 6.3.4 Päivitetty 2 kuukautta sitten

WP Feature Disable

Disables a collection of WordPress features that can help your blog run more efficiently and…

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WP Customizer

Easily load site specific functions, scripts and CSS files into your site without editing your…

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Add Functions

With this plugin you can add new functions through admin menu, without editing your themes…

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A shortcode to get some useful information from your WordPress Installation.

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Coder Block

The Coder Block plugin allows embedding php code inside of posts and pages within the…

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Function Tweaker

Developer Tool: Redefines the functions plugin_dir_url, plugins_url to work properly if you have symbolic links…

Manoj Thulasidas 10+ active installations Testattu 4.8.24 Päivitetty 7 vuotta sitten