Really Simple SSL

The easiest way to improve security! Leverage your SSL certificate and protect your website visitors.

Really Simple Plugins 5+ miljoonaa active installations Testattu 6.5.2 Päivitetty 3 viikkoa sitten


All of Cloudflare’s performance and security benefits in a simple one-click install.

Cloudflare, Inc. 200 000+ active installations Testattu 6.2.5 Päivitetty 2 viikkoa sitten

Easy SSL Plugin for SAKURA Rental Server


SAKURA Internet Inc. 70 000+ active installations Testattu 5.3.17 Päivitetty 4 vuotta sitten

One Click SSL

Enable SSL to redirect all pages to SSL and load all resources over SSL.

Tribulant Software 20 000+ active installations Testattu 6.3.4 Päivitetty 8 kuukautta sitten

SSL Mixed Content Fix

A fix for mixed content! This Plugin creates protocol relative urls by removing http +…

Steve85b 10 000+ active installations Testattu 6.4.4 Päivitetty 3 kuukautta sitten

SSL Certificate Manager

A SSL certificate installer and manager. Install newest cURL SSL certificate for WordPress and fix… 1 000+ active installations Testattu 5.8.9 Päivitetty 3 vuotta sitten


HSTS is HTTP Strict Transport Security, a means to enforce using SSL even if the…

Peter Shaw 1 000+ active installations Testattu 5.4.15 Päivitetty 4 vuotta sitten

Simple HTTPS Redirect

The plugin forcibly redirects your website to https protocol, keep your website safe and fix…

LightPlugins 900+ active installations Testattu 6.5.2 Päivitetty 3 viikkoa sitten

WP SSL Redirect

A very tiny plugin to force SSL on WordPress websites (via 301 redirects for SEO…

Rehmat Alam 900+ active installations Testattu 6.1.6 Päivitetty 1 vuosi sitten