Disable XML-RPC

Disables the XML-RPC API in WordPress 3.5+, which is enabled by default.

Philip Erb 200 000+ active installations Testattu 5.8.6 Päivitetty 1 vuosi sitten


A simple and lightweight plugin to disable XML-RPC API, X-Pingback and pingback-ping in WordPress 3.5+…

Neatma 50 000+ active installations Testattu 6.1.1 Päivitetty 1 kuukausi sitten

Manage XML-RPC

Enable/Disable XML-RPC for all or based on IP list, also you can control pingback and…

brainvireinfo 10 000+ active installations Testattu 6.0.3 Päivitetty 6 kuukautta sitten


Make XML-RPC work if you rename the file. Some hosts block access to xmlrpc.php file…

Jorge Bernal 4 000+ active installations Testattu 5.7.8 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Push Syndication

Syndication helps users manage posts across multiple sites. It's useful when managing posts on different…

Automattic 500+ active installations Testattu 5.0.18 Päivitetty 4 vuotta sitten

Native WP Cleaner

Disable native widgets, clean head tag from RSS, RSD, WLW Manifest links, disable XML-RPC, cleanup…

Oleg Komarovskyi 500+ active installations Testattu 4.8.21 Päivitetty 6 vuotta sitten

Syndicate Out

Syndicates posts made in any specified category to another WP blog using WordPress' built in…

ConfuzzledDuck 400+ active installations Testattu 4.4.29 Päivitetty 7 vuotta sitten

XML-RPC Modernization

This plugin updates the WordPress XML-RPC API to leverage the latest features of WordPress and…

Max Cutler 200+ active installations Testattu 3.5.2 Päivitetty 10 vuotta sitten