Have you ever been frustrated with forum or bulletin board software that was slow, bloated and always got your server hacked? bbPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards, and speed.

We’re keeping things as small and light as possible while still allowing for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system. What does all that mean? bbPress is lean, mean, and ready to take on any job you throw at it.



WordPress onjausnäkymästä

  1. Tutustu ’Lisäosat > Lisää uusi’
  2. Etsi toiminto ’bbPress:ille’
  3. Aktivoi bbPress Plugins-sivulla. (Sinut toivotetaan tervetulleeksi Tervetuloa sivulla.)
  4. Käy ’Foorumit > Lisää uusi’ ja luo joitakin foorumeita. (Voit aina poistaa nämä myöhemmin.)
  5. Jos kaunis osoiterakenne (pretty permalinks) on käytössä, käy ja jos ei ole, käy

  1. Lataa bbPress
  2. Lataa bbpress-hakemisto ’/ wp-content / plugins /’ -hakemistoosi käyttämällä suosikkimenetelmääsi (ftp, sftp, scp jne.)
  3. Aktivoi bbPress Plugins-sivulla. (Sinut toivotetaan tervetulleeksi Tervetuloa sivulla.)
  4. Käy ’Foorumit > Lisää uusi’ ja luo joitakin foorumeita. (Voit aina poistaa nämä myöhemmin.)
  5. Jos kaunis osoiterakenne (pretty permalinks) on käytössä, käy ja jos ei ole, käy


  1. Käy ’Asetukset > Foorumit’ ja säädä kokoonpano.
  2. Säädä tarvittaessa teemasi CSS-tiedostoja tehdäksesi kaiken kauniiksi.



Hello, first of all my congratulations to the developers of excellent plugin, I highly recommend it, although the learning curve is a little high at the beginning with a little bit of will and patience you can achieve impressive results. You also have free add-ons to get new features.

Very outdated, if you need a forum others options are out there

This plugin is a big mess stuck in development hell. I don't think they'll improve anything, the devs are lazy because it's free and they're not getting their sweet money for it. In the same time if you criticize anything they'll say that you should be thankful for their work lol. Seriously, I managed to get it work as I want but oh boy the hacks that I needed to do just to display the subforums correctly. And still I'm using five others plugins to add some functions into this crap. Now it's barely good, I still have few bugs but I can't fix them since I don't want to recode all their mess. I still needed BBpress because my theme is sold with it and Learnpress (another big mess) can use it to give permission only to people who bought some products from you. Just stay away from this plugin if you only need a "forum plugin" just check, there are many others plugins for that.

Good community plugin

I used it on several projects, like for local clubs to bring in the social aspect into web projects. It works just fine. There could be a bit more documentation.
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  • Improved support for PHP 7.1 and higher
  • Improved pagination for non-public post statuses
  • Fix converter row-limit boundaries


  • Parannettu tuki post_parent__in -tyyppisille kyselyille


  • Korjaa roolien alustuksen virhe


  • Parannettu tuki WordPress 4.7:lle
  • Parannettu lokalisointi roolien nimiin
  • Vähimmäisversio WordPress:istä nostettu 4.2:een


  • Parannettu käyttäjän näyttönimen parsinta


  • Parannettu käyttäjämainintoja


  • Parannettu ajax toimintoja
  • Parannettu käyttäjäkyselyn parsintaa
  • Korjaa BuddyPress-ryhmien ilmoitustoiminta


  • Parannettu tiettyjen URL-osoitteiden tulostus


  • Parannettu ilmoitusten & tilausten sähköpostin lähetystä


  • Parempi käyttäjien muokkaus massatoiminnolla
  • Improved suggesting of topics & authors for moderators
  • Parannettu konversiotyökaluun pääsyä


  • Fix reply editing causing polluted hierarchy
  • Add tool for repairing reply positions within topics
  • Improved custom slug and displayed user field sanitization
  • Parannettu SSL-tuki käytettäessä teeman yhteensopivuutta


  • WordPress 3.8 -tuki (toimintoikonit, uudet värimaailmat)
  • Fix dropdown selects in settings pages
  • Fix accidental topic subscription removal on reply form
  • Fix poor grammar in profile title element
  • Fix admin area SSL support


  • Fix BuddyPress (1.9.1) Notification integration


  • Updated subscriptions setting description
  • Fix forum subscriptions not appearing on profiles for some users
  • Allow links to have targets
  • Improve Windows compatibility


  • Added forum subscriptions
  • Added importers for AEF, Drupal, FluxBB, Kunena Forums (Joomla), MyBB, Phorum, PHPFox, PHPWind, PunBB, SMF, Xenforo and XMB
  • Added BuddyPress Notifications integration
  • Added ability to enqueue scripts and styles in the template stack
  • Fix various existing importer scripts
  • Fix forum visibility meta saving
  • Fix Akismet anonymous user meta checking
  • Fix inconsistent bbp_dropdown() results
  • Fix topic and reply ping-status inconsistencies


  • Fix forum status saving
  • Fix widget settings saving
  • Fix custom wp_title compatibility
  • Fix search results custom permalink compatibility
  • Fix custom user topics & replies pages
  • Fix hierarchical reply handling in converter


  • Added hierarchical reply support
  • Added ability to disable forum search
  • Reorganized settings page
  • Improved rewrite rules
  • Improved responsive CSS
  • Improved code posting
  • Improved user capability integration
  • Improved cache getting and setting
  • Audit strict type comparisons
  • Audit GlotPress string escaping
  • Audit title attribute usage
  • Audit WordPress core function usage
  • General code clean-up


  • Improved posting of preformatted code
  • Improved theme compatibility CSS
  • Improved BuddyPress Activity Streams integration


  • Improved posting of preformatted code
  • Fix deleting of post cache group
  • Fix moderators not having view_trash capability


  • Added forum search functionality
  • Improved BuddyPress Group Forums integration
  • Improved allowed tags in topics and replies
  • Added template stack support to theme compatability
  • Added more forum migration options


  • Prepare converter queries
  • Improve validation and sanitization of form values


  • Improve compatibility with some themes
  • Fix integration with BuddyPress Group Forums
  • Fix BuddyPress Activity Stream integration


  • RTL and i18n fixes
  • Improved user profile theme compatibility
  • Fixed incorrect link in credits page
  • Fixed admin area JS issues related to topic suggest
  • Fixed template part reference in extras user edit template


  • Fix role mapping for non-WordPress roles
  • Fix issue with private forums being blocked
  • Allow moderators to see hidden forums


  • Improved user roles and capabilities
  • Improved theme compatibility
  • Improved BuddyPress Group Forums integration
  • Improved forums conversion tool
  • Improved forums tools and settings
  • Improved multisite support
  • Added What’s New and Credits pages
  • WordPress 3.5 and BuddyPress 1.7 ready


  • Fixed admin-side help verbiage
  • Fixed reply height CSS
  • Fixed password converter
  • Fixed child post trash and delete functions


  • Fixed Invision, phpBB, and vBulletin importers
  • Fixed private/hidden forum bugs
  • Fixed topic split meta values
  • Fixed theme compatibility logic error
  • Fixed role mask issues for shared user installs
  • Fixed missing function cruft
  • Fixed missing filter on displayed user fields


  • WordPress 3.4 compatibility
  • Deprecate $bbp global, use bbpress() singleton
  • Private forums now visible to registered users
  • Updated forum converter
  • Topic and reply edits now ran through Akismet
  • Fixed Akismet edit bug
  • Fixed Widgets nooping globals
  • Fixed translation load order
  • Fixed user-edit bugs
  • Fixed settings screen regressions
  • Improved post cache invalidation
  • Improved admin-side nonce checks
  • Improved admin settings API
  • Improved bbPress 1.1 converter
  • Improved BuddyPress integration
  • Improved Theme-Compatibility
  • Improved template coverage
  • Improved query performance
  • Improved breadcrumb behavior
  • Improved multisite integration
  • Improved code clarity
  • Improved RTL styling
  • Added 2x menu icons for HiDPI displays
  • Added fancy editor support
  • Added fallback theme picker
  • Added tools for importing, resetting, and removing


  • Released on September 21, 2011


  • Fixed Genesis incompatibilities
  • Fixed BuddyPress activity stream issues
  • Fixed Subscription email sending issues
  • Fixed Theme Compat display issues for some themes
  • Improved Theme Compat class
  • More future proofing internal API’s


  • BuddyPress @mention integration
  • Improved Akismet user agent handling
  • Added blacklist_keys support
  • Fixed spam/deleted user handling
  • Updated green admin color scheme for WordPress 3.2
  • Added actions to topic/reply forms
  • Improved support for future ajaxification


  • Fixed activation/deactivation
  • Added Forum Participant role for multisite use


  • BuddyPress activity action integration
  • Multisite integration
  • Fixed a bushel of bugs
  • Fixed tag pagination again
  • Fixed ajax priority loading


  • Fixed tag pagination
  • Broke tag pagination
  • Squashed a bunch of bugs


  • Fix regression in forum index theme compatibility template
  • Audit usage of get strings for moderator level and above users


  • Akismet integration
  • Fixes replies within wp-admin
  • Fixes reply notification links
  • Fixes inconsistent breadcrumb behavior
  • Fixes theme compatibility issues
  • Fixes archive and page conflicts
  • Improvements to unpretty permalink support
  • Improvements to importer
  • Improvements to multisite support
  • Normalize theme, shortcodes, and template parts
  • Add humans.txt
  • Add empty index.php files to prevent snooping
  • Add max length to topic titles (default 80 chars)


  • GlotPress integrointi
  • Korjaa Fourumien arkisto bugin
  • Korjaukset ja parannukset tuontityökaluun (import)
  • Lisää kotisivun linkin tuen murupolkuun
  • Parannuksia teemojen yhteensopivuuteen
  • Useita template ja CSS parannuksia
  • RTL tuki
  • Improved multisite support
  • Lisää suodattimet tulevaan anti.spam tukeen
  • Lisää puuttuva murupolku useisiin template-tiedostoihin
  • Aihe/vastaus roskakoriin siirron korjaukset


  • Kehityksen alla