Shared Files – Easy Download Manager and File Sharing Plugin with Frontend File Upload


The best file sharing plugin on the market

This download manager allows you to list and manage file downloads on your site easily. Just add the files using the file manager in the admin area and insert the shortcode to the page you wish to list the files. Front-end file upload allows users and visitor to upload their own files.

Very easy to use and no complex settings to mind on, but also very scalable for a large group of files. Many options for different layouts. Can be used as a substitute to media library to manage files and share files for visitors.

7-day free trial available for the Pro version

Katso esimerkkejä osoitteesta

Helppokäyttöinen tiedostokirjasto selauspuolelta tapahtuvalla tiedostojen lisäysmahdollisuudella

  • Store files using this download manager plugin instead of media library
  • Preview files in browser
  • Open images and YouTube-videos in a lightbox
  • Allow users and/or visitors to upload files
  • Ylläpitopuolen tiedostonhallinta mahdollistaa tiedostojen latauksen FTP:llä tai suoraan lomakkeella, yksi tai useampi tiedosto kerrallaan
  • FTP upload and multi-file upload are features of the Pro version
  • Alternative to WP media library
  • Ilmaisversiota voi käyttää perusmuotoiseen tiedostojen hallintaan
  • Pro-versiossa enemmän ominaisuuksia
  • Jaa kansioita ja tiedostoja

New Features in Shared Files Pro:

  • Use the shortcode [shared_files_restricted] to list personal files for the logged in user
  • The logged in user can also upload files, and only site administrator and the user will see the files
  • The logged in user sees only the files that he/she has uploaded and optionally such files that the site administrator has added for them
  • Restrict access to files for specific users and roles
  • Use those features to enable file hosting for clients
  • Wait countdown page for all downloads: all download links can be redirected to one universal download page, including a countdown timer, other content and automatic file download

Ilmaisversion ominaisuuksia:

  • Front-end file upload with support for tags, logged-in users can also delete their uploaded files
  • Download counter
  • Jaa ladattavia tiedostoja samaan tyyliin kuin Dropboxilla, Google Drivellä tai OneDrivellä
  • Tiettyjen tiedostotyyppien esikatselu selaimessa
  • YouTube-videos and images are opened in a lightbox
  • Open local video files using a video player in a lightbox (mp4, webm, ogg, mov)
  • Tiedostot eriytetty mediakirjastosta
  • 25 korkealaatuista SVG-ikonia eri tiedostotyypeille
  • Use as a download manager, file explorer and file manager
  • Lisää omia kuvia/ikoneita tiedostotyypeille
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Infinite Uploads compatible
  • Lisää tageja tiedostoihin

Pro-version ominaisuuksia:

  • Nopea hakutoiminto, joka hakee tiedostojen nimistä ja kuvauksista
  • Front-end file editor: allow any user roles to edit files from the front-end
  • Favorite files for logged in and/or non-logged in users
  • Wait countdown page for all downloads
  • Automatically generated filters based on custom field values
  • Esitä sivulla mikä tahansa määrä tiedostoja ja kerää tilastoja latauksista
  • Lisää monta tiedostoa kerralla FTP:llä ja aktivoi ne yhdellä klikkauksella
  • Lisää rajattomasti tiedostoja kerralla FTP:llä
  • Activate files from Media Library
  • Front-end file upload with support for categories
  • Custom fields for the front-end file uploader
  • Accordion view for files in specific categories
  • Monipuoliset asetukset ja näkymät eri käyttötarpeisiin
  • Sähköposti-ilmoitus tiedoston latauksesta
  • Collect also YouTube video URLs using the front end file uploader
  • Luokittele tiedostoja ja dokumentteja moniin eri kategorioihin
  • Lisää tietty tiedosto mille tahansa sivulle tai artikkeliin shortcodea käyttämällä
  • Arvio kaistan kulutuksesta
  • Määrittele vaihtoehtoisesti ulkoinen URL, josta tiedosto avataan
  • Receive an email notification when a file is downloaded
  • Salasanasuojatut tiedostot
  • Password protected categories
  • Tiedoston vanhenemispäivän määritys
  • Määrittele latausmäärän rajoitus tiedostokohtaisesti
  • Monen tiedoston lisäys kerralla, valittuun kategoriaan
  • Monipuolinen tiedostokirjasto
  • Lisää ominaisuuksia tulossa saatavaan palautteeseen perustuen

Ota yhteyttä tekijään täällä.


  • Tiedostolistaus sivustollasi
  • Front-end file upload
  • Files listed in 2 columns (more layout options available)
  • Tiedostojen hallinta ylläpitopuolella
  • Yksittäisen tiedoston muokkaus
  • Search from all files (Pro)
  • Display only 1 specific file on page, using shortcode in post content (Pro)
  • Opening a password protected file (Pro)
  • Opening a file that's download limit has been reached (Pro)
  • List files by category (Pro)


  1. Aktivoi lisäosa WordPressin lisäosakirjastosta tai lisää se käsin sivustollesi
  2. Katso Help / Support -sivulta lisäohjeita


What happens to WordPress Media Library?

Nothing. The Shared Files plugin works completely outside WP media library and they do not have any kind of connection.

Can I use the plugin to share files?

Yes! The plugin’s is main idea is to share files on your site. You can list files on any of your site’s article or page by adding the appropriate shortcode there.

Do I have to pay for using the plugin?

The Pro version of Shared Files has many features that might interest you, but you can use the Free version without restrictions as long as you want.

Do you offer support?

Of course! We offer support in the forums here on and if you have a paid subscription we offer priority email support.

Does Shared Files Free or Shared Files Pro work with some other plugin?

You may contact us directly here if there’s any kind of compatibility issue with some other plugin. We will then do our best to solve that issue.

Is this a download manager, file sharing plugin, media library or what?

You can use the Shared Files plugin for any purpose that suits your needs. The basic idea is to present a user friendly list of downloadable files. 🙂

Can the visitors or logged in users upload files?

File upload is possible for any visitor or logged in user in the Pro version.

Can I use FTP to upload files?

You can use FTP in the Pro version. There is a feature that allows you to FTP upload files and then activate them for the plugin with a single click.

Can I use the plugin as a file manager?

Yes, you can use it as a file manager. You don’t necessarily have to add any publicly available list of files on your site, you can just use the admin tools to manage files.


I used it to add zip files containing gpx. files.
Very easy to use and more importantly everything works flawlessly. Great support by author. Thank you for this awesome plugin.
Needed some slight updates which was no trouble at all for them to sort... great support and quick to respond. The Plugin works really well for my needs.
This is a carefully designed app and works pretty well. Have been impressed so far! Also thankful for the good support I have had with a few issues and questions along the way.
Lue kaikki 16 arvostelua.

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1.6.68 – 2022-01-23

  • (Professional + Business) Front-end file editor option added to accordion: [shared_files_accordion edit=1]
  • (Professional + Business) New parameter [shared_files_restricted hide_file_list=1]
  • (Professional + Business) New setting to change the file sync interval to 5 or 1 minute(s) (Technical tab)
  • (All plans) Front-end file editor option added to simple list: [shared_files_simple edit=1]
  • (All plans) Fix: The setting ”Hide file type icon from card” now works correctly when the setting ”Align elements vertically and centered (inside file card)” is also checked
  • (Free + All plans) ”Submit” is now translatable in the file uploader

1.6.67 – 2022-01-09

  • (Business) Fixed preview feature when using the wait page
  • (Professional + Business) User dropdown ordered (file edit view)
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Hide description field (plugin settings, File upload tab)

1.6.66 – 2022-01-09

  • (Business) New feature: Wait countdown page for downloads. You can now define a page in the settings which all download links will be redirected to. There is a certain waiting time and counter in seconds and after that the download will normally occur. There are settings regarding this feature at the plugin settings, Wait page -tab.
  • (Business) New shortcode parameter for activating the wait countdown page for a specific file list: [shared_files use_wait_page=1]
  • (Professional + Business) Added support for files with restricted permissions to the shortcode [shared_files_accordion]. Can be activated like so: [shared_files_accordion restricted=1]
  • (Free + All plans) Some missing translatable texts added to the .pot file

1.6.65 – 2022-01-02

  • (Professional + Business) New feature: Restrict file opening permissions to a specific user or roles (see the new fields by editing any file)
  • (Professional + Business) New shortcode: [shared_files_restricted] (list only such files that are readable by the logged in user)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.64 – 2021-12-11

  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Remove link from file title (Layout tab)
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Trigger file downloaded email on (values: ”File title link, preview and download buttons” and ”Download button only”) (Email tab)
  • (All plans) New setting: Show message for download limit reached on file card (General settings tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.63 – 2021-11-07

  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: The grouping by month and using the ”file date” as date now works normally (the shortcode [shared_files_accordion group_files_by_month=1 order_by=”_sf_main_date”])
  • (All plans) New setting: Sort tags by (for search filter)
  • (All plans) New setting: Sort categories by (for search filter)
  • (All plans) New minimal layout for listing a single file: [shared_files file_id=12345 layout=”minimal”]

1.6.62 – 2021-10-17

  • (All plans) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files], exclude tags (by slug) from the file uploader: [shared_files file_upload_exclude_tag=”tag-1,tag-2″]
  • (Free + All plans) html markup fixes

1.6.61 – 2021-10-13

  • More bug fixes

1.6.60 – 2021-10-11

  • Minor bug fixes

1.6.59 – 2021-09-20

  • (Business) New feature: Favorites. The shortcode [shared_files_favorites] displays user’s favorite files. Files can be marked as favorites by first enabling the feature from the plugin settings: ”Activate favorite files”. After that the file card has a new button: ”Add to favorites” (all shortcodes).
  • (All plans) Define an ID for the files and display only these uploaded files, having the same ID: [shared_files file_upload=1 upload_id=”name-for-id”]
  • (All plans) New setting for front end file uploader: ”Show Expiration date”
  • (All plans) New setting for front end file uploader: ”Make the file field optional”
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: There can now be any number of different shortcodes ([shared_files], [shared_files_simple] and [shared_files_search]) on the same page, and the search & filtering works properly on each one

1.6.58 – 2021-09-15

  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Allow the uploader to create multiple new categories
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Allow the uploader to create multiple new tags
  • (Professional + Business) New settings to hide sections from the frontend file editor (Settings / File edit)
  • (All plans) Frontend file edit modal replaced with a custom one (for better compatibility with themes and other plugins)
  • (All plans) Next sync timestamp added to category edit page
  • (All plans) Fix: file type is now properly saved when syncing files from folder (preview buttons are shown correctly)
  • (All plans) New shortcode parameter: Show files that belong to any these tags: [shared_files tags__or=”tag-1,tag-2,tag-3″]
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Show download counter on the frontend

1.6.57 – 2021-09-13

  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.56 – 2021-09-02

  • (Business) New feature: Activate any number of custom fields (see Settings / Custom fields tab)
  • (Professional) Max. number of custom fields increased to 5
  • (Professional + Business) All custom fields can now be used as search filters (dropdown contents are automatically generated from file data), see plugin settings / Custom fields tab
  • (All plans) Custom field settings are now on a separate tab (Settings / Custom fields)
  • (All plans) More settings for custom fields
  • (All plans) New parameter for the frontend uploader: hide_category_dropdown=1
  • (All plans) Fix: Logged in user may now delete their own uploaded files properly
  • (Free + All plans) Multisite support added. The files now open normally on multisite subsites.
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: It is no longer possible to submit the frontend file upload form without adding the file

1.6.55 – 2021-08-24

  • (All plans) Simple list parameters updated, the following parameters are currently available (more information on Shortcodes page): [shared_files_simple hide_search=1 limit=5 category=”sample-category-1″]
  • Settings reorganized
  • Missing translatable texts added

1.6.54 – 2021-08-24

  • (Professional + Business) Multiple accordions can now be placed on one page
  • Fix: The ”search files” input no longer submits the form / reloads the page if enter is pressed (the search results are already there)

1.6.53 – 2021-08-22

  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: Categories are now listed in the same order they are defined in the shortcode
  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: Group and order files by month with shortcode [shared_files_accordion group_files_by_month=1] / [shared_files_accordion group_files_by_month=1 order_by=”_sf_main_date”]
  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: Layout updated
  • (Free + All plans) Compatibility added for Infinite Uploads (,
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.52 – 2021-08-11

  • (Professional + Business) New shortcode: [shared_files_accordion]. See the Shortcodes page at WP admin / Shared Files and demo at
  • (All plans) New setting: Show tags on search results cards (Layout tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.51 – 2021-07-30

  • (All plans) Download buttons are now shown also on password protected files (if enabled from the settings)
  • (Free + All plans) The redundant ”Browse files:” title removed if there are no pagination links

1.6.50 – 2021-07-25

  • (All plans) New setting: Hide tags (Layout tab)
  • (All plans) New parameter for all shortcodes: hide_tags=1 (hides the tags from the file card)
  • (All plans) Update / new parameter: [shared_files_categories category=”category_slug” show_files_always=1] now lists also the files directly under “category_slug” in addition to the subcategory links (those files are no longer listed by default)
  • (Free + All plans) Improved version of the pagination. The pagination now works with shortcodes on the front page, single post, archive pages etc. (can be activated from the settings, first tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.49 – 2021-07-18

  • (All plans) Update: [shared_files_categories category=”category_slug”] now lists also the files directly under ”category_slug” in addition to the subcategory links
  • (All plans) Fix: [shared_files_categories category=”category_slug”] now asks the password immediately, not after selecting a subcategory
  • (All plans) Fix: Sync files / ”Activate all inactive files” now activates also files under subdirectories
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.48 – 2021-07-03

  • (Free and Pro) Bug fixes

1.6.47 – 2021-06-26

  • (Pro) New feature / setting: Delete expired files (files will be moved to trash when the expiration date is reached)
  • (Pro) New feature / setting: Add the downloader’s IP address to the email
  • (Pro) New feature / shortcode: Show files that belong to all of these tags (can also be used with only one tag): [shared_files tags__and=”tag-1,tag-2″] (you can also use both categories__and + tags__and for the same shortcode)
  • (Pro) New feature / shortcode: Allow the uploader to create new tags: [shared_files file_upload=1 new_tags=1]
  • (Free and Pro) Missing translatable texts added
  • (Free and Pro) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.46 – 2021-06-11

  • (Pro) New feature: Sync categories and files. You can now define a folder name for any category, and files added to that folder (i.e. using FTP) are automatically activated for the plugin.
  • (Pro) New setting: Send an email notify when a file is automatically activated for a category (Settings / Email tab)
  • (Pro) New setting: Send an email notify to users having a specific role, when a file is uploaded (Settings / File upload tab)
  • (Free and Pro) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.45 – 2021-05-29

  • (Pro) Preview button activated for media library files
  • (Free and Pro) Bug fixes

1.6.44 – 2021-05-04

  • (Pro) Frontend file editor now opens in a modal window
  • (Pro) Description and External URL added to frontend file editor
  • (Pro) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files], exclude categories (by slug) from the file uploader: [shared_files file_upload_exclude_cat=”category-1,category-2″]
  • (Pro) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files_categories], exclude categories (by slug): [shared_files_categories exclude_cat=”category-1,category-2″]
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.43 – 2021-04-14

  • (Pro) New fields for new categories and tags for the frontend file editor
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.42 – 2021-04-14

  • (Pro) New feature: Front-end file editor. Can be used with shortcodes [shared_files edit=1] and [shared_files_categories edit=1]. User roles must be first activated from the plugin settings (File edit tab).
  • (Pro) New options for category password protection. See full details by editing any category.
  • (Pro) New feature: email notify of the downloaded file now contains the name of the downloader (if logged in)
  • (Pro) If the embed_id parameter is defined for the shortcode [shared_files], it is now also the id of the container element for that file list
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.41 – 2021-04-05

  • (Free and Pro) The frontend file uploader should now redirect to correct url after adding a file, in all cases
  • (Pro) The multi file uploader now generates the file title (post title) in a more reasonable way
  • (Pro) You can now set a password for a category. All files belonging to that category will then require a password to open.
  • Fix: all thumbnails regarding the file are now deleted when the file is permanently deleted from trash

1.6.40 – 2021-03-27

  • New parameter [shared_files hide_files_first=1]: Hide files first (files are shown when searched or category/tag is selected)
  • New parameter [shared_files file_upload=1 tag_dropdown=1]: Show tag dropdown for the uploader
  • New parameter [shared_files categories__and=”category-1,category-2″]: Show files that belong to all of these categories
  • New setting: ”Show tag dropdown for front-end file uploader”
  • New setting: ”Bypass the preview service when previewing PDF files. The file is opened in the browser directly.”
  • Fix: password autofill is now disabled when adding a new file
  • Fix: file urls (using the default method) now continue to work normally when the site is moved to a different location and paths are different on the server
  • Fix: front end file uploader now works correctly when the WordPress is installed in a subdirectory

1.6.39 – 2021-03-21

  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.38 – 2021-03-21

  • File uploader user name is now displayed on the file card when logged in (if uploaded using the front end file upload)
  • New setting for the frontend file upload: ”Hide file uploader info”
  • New setting for the frontend file upload: ”Show category and tag checkboxes on multiple columns”
  • New setting for the frontend file upload: ”Enable featured image (a separate file can be added)”
  • New feature for the frontend file upload: if a category checkbox is checked, all checkboxes of possible parent categories are also checked (and unchecked)
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.37 – 2021-03-14

  • CSS fixes & minor improvements

1.6.36 – 2021-03-14

  • (Free and Pro) New setting: ”Always show preview button for PDF files (the preview service is Google)”
  • (Free and Pro) More debug data added to debug info section
  • (Pro) It is now possible for the uploader to select a parent category for the new category to be created
  • (Pro) New setting for the front end file uploader: ”Allow the uploader to define a password for the file”
  • (Pro) New setting: ”Enable the use of the preview service for password protected files”
  • (Pro) New setting: ”Show featured image for password protected files”
  • (Pro) New setting: ”Use a larger, non-cropped version of the featured image”
  • (Pro) New settings: ”Featured image container width (px)” and ”Featured image container height (px)”

1.6.35 – 2021-03-13

  • (Pro) 3 custom fields added to the front end uploader (see settings / file upload tab)
  • (Pro) New settings for the frontend file uploader: ”Restrict accepted file types” and ”Restrict accepted file extensions”
  • Bug fix: files available for media library sync are no more limited to image files
  • Bug fix: redirect method now uses only the file path for opening files (no more issues if the domain or protocol is changed after adding the files)

1.6.34 – 2021-02-22

  • (Pro) New setting: ”Send and email notify when a file is uploaded” (using the frontend upload)
  • (Pro) New setting: ”Allow the uploader to create a new category”. This allows the file uploader to create a new category and assign the file to it.
  • (Pro) New parameter for file upload shortcode (allow the uploader to create a new category): [shared_files file_upload=1 new_category=1]
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.33 – 2021-02-21

  • The free version has now support for front-end file uploader, can be used with the shortcode [shared_files file_upload=1]. More features coming in the next update for the Pro version of frontend upload.

1.6.32 – 2021-02-20

  • Pagination now works normally when there are multiple instances of [shared_files] on the same page. You should give a unique embed id for each one: [shared_files embed_id=”my-files”]
  • Fix regarding the ”WordPress location” setting: it’s now possible that the location url has more than 1 part i.e. /clients/company/ or /clients/a/abc-company/
  • New setting: ”Maximum size of uploaded file” (you can change the default text for maximum file size using this, not the actual file size)
  • Freemius SDK updated to 2.4.2

1.6.31 – 2021-02-10

  • (Free and Pro) Fixed some issues regarding opening files
  • (Pro) New setting: Define folder for new files (see settings, first tab)

1.6.30 – 2021-01-31

  • (Free and Pro) Fix: pagination now works normally
  • (Free and Pro) Pagination added to Simple List
  • (Free and Pro) Download button now works also when file opening method is ”Redirect”
  • (Pro) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files], exclude categories (by slug): [shared_files exclude_cat=”category-1,category-2″]
  • (Pro) New general setting: Show tag dropdown
  • (Pro) New shortcode parameter to show the tag dropdown: [shared_files show_tag_dropdown=1]
  • (Pro) New feature: Sync files from the media library (see the new page under Sync files in the WP admin area)
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.29 – 2021-01-21

  • (Free and Pro) Fix to the download button: now the file is always downloaded rather than opened in the browser (unless ”Redirect” is chosen for file opening method)

1.6.28 – 2021-01-20

  • (Free and Pro) Affiliation program introduced. Also a new setting (Pro): ”Hide affiliation link”
  • (Free and Pro) Added notification / information regarding maximum file size
  • (Pro) Bug fixes regarding multi-file upload

1.6.27 – 2021-01-14

  • CSS & bug fixes
  • New setting: Order by (category list)

1.6.26 – 2021-01-11

  • Lightbox now supports video files (mp4, ogg, webm, mov)
  • External URL / YouTube URL can now be activated to the file upload form from the settings
  • Title field added to file upload form
  • There is now a separate Shortcodes page in the WP admin area
  • CSS & bug fixes

1.6.25 – 2021-01-01

  • New feature: Image modal/lightbox. Image files can now be viewed using a lightbox view and there’s a separate ”Download original”-button.
  • New feature: YouTube modal/lightbox. YouTube-videos are now opened in a lightbox rather than in a separate tab.
  • (Pro) New option: ’Uncheck ”Hide from other pages” for uploaded files’
  • (Pro) New parameter ”hide_file_list” to be used with [shared_files file_upload=1] like so: [shared_files file_upload=1 hide_file_list=1]
  • Various minor improvements
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.24 – 2020-12-20

  • Pro: You can now check many categories and tags when uploading a file using the front-end file upload. See settings, Help / Support -page and demo:
  • Pro: You can now change the contents of the message that is displayed when the download limit has been reached (see the settings)
  • Added support for -links (when the YouTube icon is displayed)
  • Vikakorjauksia

1.6.23 – 2020-12-02

  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): Sync Files — voit nyt lisätä tiedostoja FTP:llä ja aktivoida ne ylläpidosta lisäosan käyttöön
  • Uusi asetus (Free ja Pro): ”File opening method”
  • Uusi asetus (Free ja Pro): ”Preview service”
  • Näytä-painike lisätty tiedoston salasanan viereen


  • Tiedoston avaustapaan tehty muutoksia
  • Uusi asetus: ”WP Engine compatibility mode” (jos käytät WP Engineä sivuston ylläpitoon, ruksita tämä)


  • Korjattu sisältöä Help / Support -sivulla


  • (Free ja Pro) Uusi asetus: ”Show download button on card”
  • (Pro) Uusi asetus: ”Align elements vertically and centered (inside card)” (tämä voi olla hyödyllinen kun tiedostoja näytetään 3 tai 4 palstassa ja tilaa on rajallisesti)
  • (Pro) Uusi parametri shortcodelle [shared_files]: [shared_files limit=5] (rajoita tiedostojen määrää ja piilota sivutus)
  • (Pro) Uusi parametri shortcodelle [shared_files]: [shared_files file_upload=1 category=CATEGORY_SLUG] (määrittele kategoria ja piilota kategoriapudotusvalikko)


  • Free ja Pro: Uusi ikonisetti, 25 korkealaatuista SVG-ikonia. Voit edelleen käyttää vanhoja ikoneita mikäli haluat, setin voi vaihtaa asetuksista.


  • Uusi shortcode (Free ja Pro): [shared_files_simple] (Katso
  • Uusi ominaisuus (Free ja Pro): Tagit. Voit nyt lisätä tageja tiedostolle. (Katso
  • Uusi ominaisuus (Free ja Pro): Tiedostojen esikatselu. Voit piilottaa esikatselupainikkeen asetuksista. (Katso
  • Painikkeita shortcodejen leikepöydälle kopiointia varten lisätty ylläpitoon useaan paikkaan
  • Kategorioiden nimet lisätty tiedostokortille
  • Uusi asetus (Pro): ”Hide category name(s) from card”


  • Uusi asetus (Pro): ”Only logged in users can add files using the front-end uploader”
  • Uusi asetus (Free ja Pro): ”Use textarea for file description (instead of rich text editor)”
  • Freemius SDK päivitetty versioon 2.4.1 (


  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): monen tiedoston lisäys kerralla
  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): jos kirjautunut käyttäjä on lisännyt selauspuolelta uuden tiedoston, kyseinen käyttäjä voi poistaa saman tiedoston
  • Uusi asetus: artikkelikuva voidaan nyt näyttää joko vasemmalla tai oikealla puolella
  • Vikakorjaus: sivutus on nyt käytössä myös käytettäessä shortcodea [shared_files category=category-slug]


  • CSS-korjauksia


  • Vikakorjaus: korjaus automaattiseen lomakkeen täyttöön
  • Uusi ominaisuus: vapaavalintainen lukumäärä sivutukseen


  • Vikakorjaus: tiedoston tallennuksessa ollut vika korjattu
  • Kansioikont lisätty shortcodelle [shared_files_categories]
  • CSS-korjauksia


  • Free: tiedoston tallennuksessa ollut vika korjattu


  • Uusi asetus: tiedostojen järjestyksen määritys
  • Kategorioiden järjestyksen voi nyt määrittää


  • Vikakorjaus: piilota tyhjä pudotusvalikko
  • Uusi parametri: hide_category_dropdown (shortcodelle [shared_files])
  • Uusi parametri: not_sorted_by_categories (shortcodelle [shared_files_search])
  • Uusi asetus: ”Show featured image in addition to file type icon”


  • Uusi ominaisuus: itse lisättävät ikonit eri tiedostotyypeille
  • Uusi ominaisuus: tiedostokohtaiset ikonit
  • Uudet asetukset: ”Hide file size from card” ja ”Hide file type icon from card”


  • Vikakorjauksia


  • Freemius SDK:n päivitys
  • Testattu WP:n versioon 5.5 asti


  • Uusi ominaisuus: tiedoston lisäys selauspuolelta (katso
  • Puuttuneita käännöstermejä lisätty


  • Tiedoston lisäys korjattu (joka hajosi edellisessä päivityksessä)


  • Asetusnäkymä päivitetty käytettävämmäksi


  • Vikakorjaus: tiedostotyypin päättelyn korjaus


  • Tiedostokortin taustavärin valinta
  • Tiedostolistaus päivitetään nyt ajaxin avulla kun kategoria valitaan
  • Vikakorjauksia


  • Uusi ominaisuus: vaihtoehtoinen päivämääräkenttä tiedostolle
  • Uusi asetus: piilota tiedoston päivämäärä tiedostolistauksesta
  • Debug info -osio lisätty Help / Support -sivulle


  • Uusia ikoneita tiedostotyypeille
  • Vikakorjaus: tiedoston kuvauksen voi nyt tyhjentää
  • Tiedostotyyppi-ikonin näyttämiseen liittyvä korjaus


  • Kategorian mukaan voi nyt järjestää ylläpidon puolella olevan tiedostolistauksen


  • Ylläpidon tiedostolistauksen voi nyt järjestää useamman sarakkeen mukaan
  • Tiedostoja voi nyt lajitella kategorian mukaan ylläpidossa
  • Sähköpostit lähetetään nyt paikallisesti WordPressin toimesta
  • Vikakorjauksia


  • Kategoriapudotusvalikko lisätty näkyviin kun kategoria on esivalittu shortcodelle, siinä näytetään alikategoriat.
  • Oma ikoni YouTube-linkeille


  • Uusi ominaisuus (Free ja Pro): itse määriteltävät ikonit tiedostotyypeille
  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): uusi shortcode kategorioita varten
  • Vanhenemispäivän mukaan voi nyt järjestää


  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): Salasanasuojatut tiedostot
  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): Vanhenemispäivä tiedostolle
  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): Tiedostokohtainen latausmäärän rajoitus
  • Lisää asetuksia


  • Vikakorjauksia


  • Uusi ominaisuus (Pro): Uusi shortcode [shared_files_search]


  • Free ja Pro: Uusia asetuksia ulkoasua varten


  • Pieniä parannuksia


  • Vikakorjauksia


  • Uusi lisensointimalli / 2019-12-09


  • Uusi asetus WP:n sijaintia varten


  • Lisäosa tukee nyt tilannetta, kun WP on asennettu alihakemistoon


  • Muutama teksti muutettu käännettäväksi


  • Uusi parametri shortcodelle [shared_files]: ”hide_search”
  • Asetukset-sivu lisätty ja sille sähköpostiin liittyviä asetuksia


  • Vikakorjaus: yhteensopivuutta Elementorin kanssa parannettu


  • Vikakorjaus tiedoston poistoon liittyen


  • Vikakorjaus liittyen tiedostojen näyttämiseen tietystä kategoriasta
  • Päivämäärä lisätty tiedostolistaukseen


  • Lahjoituslinkit lisätty


  • Sivutuksen korjaus


  • Lisätty sivutus (20 tiedostoa per sivu)


  • Lisätty palautelomake Help / Support -sivulle


  • Lisätty shortcode yksittäisen tiedoston näyttämistä varten


  • Tiedoston kuvauskenttä muutettu wysiwyg-muotoon


  • Puuttuvia termejä muutettu käännettäviksi


  • Tuki käännöksille lisätty


  • Uusi ominaisuus: tiedoston näyttäminen ulkoisesta URLista


  • Kategoriat lisätty. Tiedostoja voi nyt luokitella kategorioihin.


  • Support -sivu päivitetty


  • Vikakorjauksia
  • Siivousta ja järjestelyä
  • Testausta Gutenbergillä


  • Tiedostotyyppi-ikoneita lisätty


  • CSS-korjaus


  • Pieniä korjauksia


  • Lisäosan julkaisu / 2018-07-15